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The internet is full of ads

but it doesn't have to be

Sign up now for a 2 week FREE trial to browse ad free!

Ad Free Web Browsing

Just imagine being able to browse the internet on any device without being bombarded by ads for things you don't want!

Faster Internet

Adverts & trackers are blocked before being downloaded meaning websites, mobile games and apps all load much faster

No more tracking

Put an end to the thousands of companies tracking your every move on the internet and making money from your data

Mobile Games & Apps Ad Free

Stops those annoying ads in mobile game and apps once and for all

Works anywhere you are

Works on all networks wherever you are to stop adverts and companies tracking you

Reduce Mobile Data usage

Save that precious data allowance for stuff you actually want to see rather than data hungry adverts you don't


Ad servers track you all over the internet

A single website or app can contain dozens of trackers designed to collect personal information and build a detailed profile of who you are and what you do online. You’ve probably never heard of any of the companies that track you – there are thousands and thousands of them.  They then sell the information they have collected about your habits to other third parties and send you even more targeted advertising. Have you ever searched for something or visited a website and then seen ads for a product related to what you were looking at?

It makes browsing safer

There are a lot of unscrupulous people on the internet who work day and night to to cause you harm in one way or another. Whether it’s hacking your social media or crypto-jacking your device it usually comes back to the attacker demanding a ransom of some form to give you back control of your precious files and photos.
Malicious adverts are one way in which these attacks start. The best way to stop them is to never be exposed to them in the first place!

Unfortunately that’s an impossible task but it will block the majority of known ad serving and tracking domains.

Some websites serve ads in a way that makes them impossible to block using the method we use without blocking part of all of the sites functionality eg facebook, instagram, spotify, youtube.

Yes you can use this service anywhere on any device provided it supports installing OpenVPN.

No if you want to cancel you can do so at anytime and your cancellation will be effective from the end of the current period you have paid for.

You choose your own billing period when you sign up and you can change this after you’ve signed up if you want to.

If you use a VPN for work, for privacy or any other reason then you probably won’t be able to use this service without causing issues to either the VPN you use or the adblock service. 

You can use this service when you are not using your other VPN service. e.g. if you only use a VPN occasionally for work purposes then you can use this service when you aren’t connected to your work using your work VPN.

No. We do not and cannot track anything you do on the internet back to you.